Adventure craft kit for kids rockets, car, robot, dinosaur, eco-friendly craft kit for kids

Adventure Jumbo Box Craft Kit DIY ideas and tutorials

Here you will find everything you could make from the Adventure Jumbo Box. All the instructions in the box are presented in detail, in some cases you will also find a video guide, for example for folding and learning the layer technique.

The list of the DIY ideas from the Adventure creative hobby set:

Reach the Moon! Rocket drink straw game with space crafting

A jungle box with dinosaurs!

Origami Boat - Shark or Home decor pattern

Big Mouth crafts for kids

Tiger Mask - Mirroring drawing - coloring, cutting - layering

Elephant collage image made of triangles craft with kids

Car 3D model with moving cork wheels - crafting from paper template

3D Robot model - sleeping or awake - crafts for kids ages 9-12

Agamograph visual perspective skill development - the life of a frog

Learn math through play! Rocket, UFO, star, dinosaur and number cork shapes for learn through play!

Paper Ninja moving parts with paper drink straw

Finger Soccer with cork ball, game for kids birthday party

You can share your work on Instagram and Facebook with the #myadventurecraftkit hashtag so others can see your work too, and we can inspire each other! @hellopepmelon

Buy our Adventure Jumbo Box craft kit on Amazon , Ebay or Etsy . Or here on our Website, where you can also pay with your Amazon account without registration.

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