You asked for it! - the Great Flow

You asked for it! - the Great Flow

In mid-January, Simona, a prospective shop owner, contacted us to want our Flow cork coasters in a larger size for tableware, using as placemat even under plates. With this, the story of the Great Flow product began. As we are not working with cork textile, but with real cork, we cannot mill with our CNC machine for cork sheets thinner than 3 mm.

We have already thought about making a trivet for dishes out of Flow, just like the Monstera leaf shaped trivets. So a complete set with the Flow cork coasters for drink can be given as a gift, or a full set can be used at your next holiday dinner or lunch. We had to test the size, as either we use very thick cork, in which the pattern is not too deep, or we try to make a light, thin, but also safe for hot pans.

Flow trivet for dishes hot pots, pans and kettles. Cork coaster set.

Based on the sizes of the test products and our own set of bowls and pans, and, of course, the average sizes available on the market, we decided on 17-19 and finally 19 cm. This size is large enough to give adequate stability and, as it is not only 15 cm, it is also more ideal for a thinner trivet in terms of heat distribution. In the end we managed to keep the thickness to 0.5-0.6 mm, which is standard for our milling machine products. We didn't end up with a big, flexible placemat, but instead made a sturdy but very nice, elegant and really practical cork pot mat.

Another big issue was the packaging in which to sell it. In twos, like our Monstera and Christmas Tree dish coasters? For these, the practicality came down to the size difference, they are suitable for a larger pot and a smaller pot.
However, the Great Flow coasters are the same size. In each case we calculate the cost of course, the material, machine time and energy required for cutting, and the cost of hand sanding, cleaning and packaging. Here we have found that with a small price difference we can already provide 3 pieces. Which can also look much nicer on a nicely laid out longer table. Of course, each of these patterns, the leaf, the forest, the waves, the mountains, the fields and the rainbow are also available one by one. But in a pack of three, another question arises, which three should be in a pack? ;)

Great Flow trivet set of 3 pieces cork coaster

It's never easy to make these decisions. It might not be the three that someone wants to buy. However, we could make 20 separate combinations of 3 packs. We can't keep that many in stock. So it is easier to allow you to buy them one by one.
So finally in simple order, the leaf , the forest and the waves make up our Great Flow Set 1 pack and the mountains, fields and rainbow make up our Great Flow Set 2 pack.

For the first 100 orders, we send a free cork coaster for drinks, which fit to the selected Trivet set design. Get your Flow trivet set now! 

We hope you'll love them too, and that you'll like the harmony with the Flow Cork Coasters set! Feel free to share your ideas with us, we're open to all requests! Leave a comment, and follow us on social media! 

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