PepMelon on, Flow cork coaster set

Do you like Avocado? ? Great news! Find our products on Avocadostore!

PepMelon products on Avocadostore! We are very happy to announce that PepMelon products are now available at Germany's largest online shop for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. It's all about green! You can order from any other country through and get to know other eco-conscious brands.

PepMelon on, Flow cork coaster set
PepMelon on, Flow cork coaster set

Products on Avocadostore needs to fit the green criteria

There are 10 criteria at Avocadostore, like

  • Raw materials from organic farming
  • Fair & Social
  • Durable
  • Recycled & Recyclable
  • Made in Germany
  • CO₂-saving
  • Resource-saving
  • Pollutant-reduced production
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Vegan

Every brand on Avocadostore must ot fit at least 3 of these criteria. When a brand registers, the platform's administrators ask for a lot of information to make sure that the brand meets these criteria. Then, after the products have been uploaded, they also check that they meet the criteria and are correctly formulated, based on the information previously provided. In this way, all customers can be sure that they are buying an environmentally friendly product.

We are very pleased that we fully meet most of the criteria.

Let's look at these!

? Sustainability, that is why we use cork in the first place. Cork tree collects air carbon dioxide in its bark for 200 years, during which time the bark can be harvested and grown 16 times. We also use recycled paper to reduce the amount of waste and protect forests.

? In addition, we use plastic-free packaging with cellophane bags. That are not covered with plastic, so they are biodegradable. As well as plant-based bio-plastic bags for shipping and packaging materials made from recycled paper. All our other paper raw materials are made of at least FSC-certified paper. In other case they have other environmentally friendly certifications such as the EU Eco-label and the German Blue Angel certification.

? We use green energy for all our devices for the manufacturing process and in our daily work. This green electricity comes 100% from environmentally friendly energy sources such as hydropower. Therefore it's free of finite energy sources such as coal, gas or nuclear energy. Similarly, climate-damaging greenhouse gases are not released when electricity is generated.

? When we can, we recycle waste from work processes and manufacturing processes. Otherwise, we collect waste selectively so that it can be reused.

You can find all of our cork products on from now!

But of course you do not need to navigate away from this page. Here in our shop you can find all our products, you can also take advantage of our current monthly discount! How about our Flow cork coaster set, a fantastic spring decoration with nature motifs?

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