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Leaf Decor we love - the evergreen trend at home

We're loving the current leaf decor trend, aren't you? Wait! It was a trend in 2015! No, earlier! Actually it's an evergreen style to your home decor. From clothing patterns to patterns for parties, the home and beyond, it's such a fresh and inspiring take on greenery. We love seeing leafy greens used as decoration in unique ways outside of the typical prints or potted plants, too. And of course, you can bring this trend into your home outside of the obvious through leaf patterns. A simple leaf can add so much life to your rooms and workspace, filling the space around you with nature, a calmness and freshness.

6 Monstera leaf decor cork coasters 10 cm and 0,6 cm thick coaster set.
6 Monstera leaf decor cork coasters 10 cm and 0,6 cm thick coaster set.

Leaf Decor from cork material

Thus, it is a great way to use the elements of nature as a material for decoration. Our cork material, although agglomerated, is derived from the bark of a tree that is never cut out for use. The touch of the cork is pleasant and delicate. Cork does not cause allergies, dust does not sit on it. It does not cause fire, in fact cork is planted in many places to curb forest fires. This material is very easy, it is not heavy, so children can play with it, it doesn't matter if it falls off the table or counter, as it does no harm to anything or anyone. These cork trees give their bark for 200 years, which stores a lot of carbon dioxide. The more times we collect the bark, the more carbon dioxide the new bark is able to absorb later. It is one of the most environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable raw materials.
With this, we can bring not only nature, but also a sustainability, environmentally friendly product in our home, while also adding a trendy, fresh style to the decoration of our home.

Cork oak trees in Portugal
Beautiful view on the plantation of cork oak trees with freshly crumbled bark in Portugal

Eco-friendly packaging

That’s why we dreamed of a leaf decor cork coaster set from today’s most popular Monstera leaf pattern. The new packaging, the elegant design, which is also environmentally friendly, is a very nice gift for friends, colleagues, family members.
The box is made of 90% recycled paper, the label is FSC mixed natural paper, while the papers inside the box are all made of 100% recycled material. The perfect eco-friendly gift for nature lovers, climate-conscious people.
The coaster set is practical, but can only be used as a decoration, either by placing several different items on the wall, or as a coaster for smaller plants, or by making a pin board out of it, or you can paint it. The number of possibilities depends solely on our creativity.

For family gatherings, dinners, lunches, we also thought of the placemats. Thus, we supplemented the Monstera leaf decor cork coaster set with a pot placemat, a trivet set, which was made in two sizes. With this, the table decoration can be complete.

Always make the right decision! Be creative, but stay eco-friendly!

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