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Great cat lovers gift idea - Meaow kitten Coasters

Those who love kittens will love the cute, Meaow cork coasters

Those of us who love cats know very well that our pets are extreme cute creatures. They are often playful, lovable or even grumpy. That's why we want to bring even more joy into the lives of owners and their pets with cute kitty accessories. Everyone will love this fun cork coaster! Not only will the owner enjoy it, but their little kitty friends will love it too. Guaranteed to be a hit. The Meaow kitty cork coaster set is a great gift idea for cats or kitten lovers, it will make everyone smile. Super, fun and totally eco-friendly, it's a perfect gift idea for cat lovers and busy people who spend all day working, talking, running from one place to another with a cup of tea or coffee in their hands. Thanks to its cork material, it's lightweight and great for everyday use, when visiting loved ones or on weekdays too. Everyone is sure to be in good spirits when they look at one of these little kittens. 6 different cat cheeks to choose from to suit your mood or the mood of your pet.

Everybody will love it, and kids can even colour it in.

Kitten with her kitten
Cute kitten with the Meaow cup coaster @ladysvu

Cat lovers gift idea for every day use

You can use them every day, changing them according to your mood. You can also rely on your cat's expression, as they reflect the main facial expressions of a cat thanks, to their variety. Because we know that our cats can often be cute, playful, sceptical and bored at the same time. This way we can choose our kitty's own expression for our morning tea or coffee that day.

Protecting the environment with the cat fans' gift idea

At PepMelon, we are passionate about protecting the environment, so we specifically use recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly materials for our products and packaging. That's why cork is a perfect solution, as we don't need to cut down any trees, as we use the bark of the cork oak, which grows again every 16 years for the 200 years that the average cork oak lives.

If you care about protecting the environment, you can be sure that this is the best product for all your needs.

Cork is one of today's most sustainable and recyclable raw materials. That's why we love it so much.

About the cork

It's very light and pleasant to the touch, it's safe to give to children without fear of breaking; and because it's hypoallergenic, it doesn't cause problems for sensitive, allergic individuals, not even collecting and absorbing dust. It has an anti-slip surface, making it a very practical coaster. Cork oak is also planted to control forest fires because of its fire retardant, burning fire retardant role, so it's no surprise that it also makes a great placemat for high heat, like our Monstera leaf decoration coaster set.

But let's stick to cats! These cuties will be a great little addition to your home, contributing to your good mood to start the day off right with your morning coffee or tea. We can decorate our kitchen with them if we put them in a visible place, because this cute design is sure to brighten up the space and the atmosphere.

With the Meaow kitten cork coaster set, we not only give and receive pleasure, but we also protect the environment when we use these coasters in our everyday life when we use this eco-friendly gift idea for cat lovers.

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