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Successful B2B sales - the PepMelon story on Orderchamp!

We are very proud to announce that our products are not just available on Orderchamp's wholesale marketplace, but also published the story of our brand on their blog! We have successful B2B sales, with many new and returning customers from Europe. The platform conducted an interview with us to better present our brand and our products to retailers. Now we are happy to share this with you.

PepMelon CUTES Cork Bottoms round 6 set glass coasters-set design coster cork
PepMelon Cutes Cork Coaster Set on the table

Here is the full interview about the successful B2B sales and our story

Brand Success PepMelon: “With Orderchamp, we already have returning customers from all over Europe, mostly France and the Netherlands!”

Looking for original and cheerful gift items for your (web) shop? Then you're there PepMelon at the right place! Founded in 2018, the company believes in products that are unique and playful while making a positive contribution to the environment. To find out more about the history of the brand, we spoke with CEO Eva Puskas. Discover the story behind sustainable gifts from PepMelon in this blog!

And you can find the interview here on Orderchamp.

Where does the name PepMelon come from and how did the history of the brand start?

”The name is derived from two elements: “Peptalk” and the “Melon” as a fruit, which stands for liveliness, cheerfulness, playfulness and cuteness. Our products should reflect exactly these feelings. Three years ago my husband and I started thinking about a creative hobby gift set, also called the "Jumbo Boxes" because he is a designer and I have always been a fan of creative hobbies and office supplies. These boxes were always very popular and successful, but not perfect. They contain too much plastic, which as an environmentally conscious I could not quite approve. So we changed course and quickly realized that our customers would appreciate a more environmentally friendly product that was not yet on the market. For example, at the end of 2019 we came up with the recyclable material cork. We decided to make beautiful craft kits and toys from cork, FSC or recycled paper. With the idea, the Jumbo Box Adventure was born and a few months later, cute gift products such as the Cutes and Flow coasters.”

Puppies dog coasters, 6 cute dog prints coaster set, gift idea for dog lovers, dog owners
Puppies dog coasters, 6 cute dog prints coaster set, gift idea for dog lovers, dog owners
Meaow kitten cork coaster gift box, cat faces, cute, grumpy cat, sleepy cat face shaped coasters
Meaow kitten cork coaster gift box, cat faces, cute, grumpy cat, sleepy cat face shaped coasters

What makes your collection so special?

”Most of our products are made from cork and recycled paper. Nowadays, anything that can be made of wood can also be made of cork. Cork represents a very unique natural material and is the most environmentally friendly solution we know, as no trees have to be felled. Cork oaks allow their bark to grow for about 200 years, a bark harvested every 16 years. In addition, the material is anti-allergenic. Our cork products are very light and sturdy. In addition, our craft kits and the coloring paper are made from recycled paper. The boxes are for almost 90% from recycled paper. Some products are also made from FSC paper, paper that does not contain heavy metals or harmful substances. We try to be environmentally conscious in every aspect of our manufacturing process because we believe this is the future. It is becoming increasingly important to launch products that defend values and adhere to nature's basic principles.”

Adventure craft kit for kids rockets, car, robot, dinosaur, eco-friendly craft kit for kids
Adventure craft kit for kids rockets, car, robot, dinosaur, eco-friendly craft kit for kids

Which product is currently the best seller and popular with customers?

“We currently sell over 100 products on Orderchamp. In addition to the above cork and paper products, we also offer colorful notebooks On. We must say, however, that the demand for the Adventure Creative Hobby Set is very large. Your customers will not find this hobby set anywhere else! Furthermore, our cool corks are coasters very popular. We were also mentioned in the May edition of a cool magazine in Germany.”

Sketchbook sketchpad, dotted paper, notebook, stand, flat deco photo - Drops Coral.
Dotted note block in A5 format. Sketchbook. flat deco photo Colour: Drops Coral.
Dotted notebook in A5 format, stand, flat deco photo - Tile Pattern Blue and Coral.
Dotted notebook in A5 format. Diary, notebook. flat deco photo Colour: Tile Pattern Blue and Coral.

Are you happy with Orderchamp as a B2B sales channel?

”Certainly, we are very satisfied with the platform. We have never worked with a B2B channel before and the process is very simple, without bugs and problems. Our turnover has doubled and we have already had recurring retailers from France, the Netherlands and most recently from Belgium. We can easily contact the retailers and they can also contact us first with additional questions without having to place an order. It's all very easy! In addition, the Digital Fair that Orderchamp organizes is always a highlight for us!”

Did you get excited about PepMelon and the eco-friendly gift ideas? Shop the brand now on Orderchamp and discover creative craft boxes, cheerful cork coasters and much more. The minimum order value is only €50 and you will have your favorite products within 3-6 days!

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