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Great Flow - Cork trivet set of 3 pieces, 19 cm cork coasters, nature inspired design pot plates

Great Flow - Cork trivet set of 3 pieces, 19 cm cork coasters, nature inspired design pot plates

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Nature inspired flow cork trivet set for your dishes, the twin of our 6 pieces cork coaster set for drinks. These coasters have nature pattern like wave, leaves, mountains milled in it. 3 pieces of 19 cm diameter cork trivets, pot plates in one pack. Two different pack are available based on the designs.

These natural cork placemats are perfect for your own decoration projects. Make wall decorations or simply use this cork pot coaster set as a pin board, or as a vase coaster, candle holder in the bathroom, living room. 

Elegant gift idea for summer grill parties, or birthdays.

💌With gift message, gift card available - Please enter the gift message text at the order.

🔸Please note content for variations: 🔸

- 'Pack 1'/ 'Pack 2' = With envelope - 1 complete set (3 trivets) in a printed envelope with an A4 cardboard with information. 

- '1 pc' = 1 piece - 1 piece trivet, so not a complete set, but only 1 piece of the selected design without packaging or A4 card. 

🔹Nature & Flow🔹

Tree environmentally friendly cork coasters, milled with the pattern of nature. Let your energy flow!

The milled pattern of nature presents the flow, the state of intense engagement, focus and contentment in the present moment and current activity.

The only question is, whom do you share this experience with? At which dinner or launch, or even grill party will you use these nice trivets?

🔸Trivet for hot pots, pans and kettles🔸

These light trivets provide a soft surface for hot pots, pans, kettles and other cooking vessels and at the same time complement your table top. Can also be used at the dinner table when serving warm dishes straight from the oven.

The cork material provides natural traction that helps prevent accidental spills, while it protect your tables and countertops from beverage condensation, water rings, stains and heat stains.

🌱 Cork – be Eco-friendly 🌱

Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material, it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

And more! Cork is hypoallergenic, and also very light, and there's no need to cut down a tree to make these products. Read more about why cork is so good!

🔸Handmade Quality🔸

This handmade product is designed and made by PepMelon in Germany. We use machines to cut the main shapes. But we sand and finish them by hand during our piece by piece quality control.

Content: 3 pcs different milled cork coasters Ø 19 cm, 0,6 cm high
The cork material originates in Portugal.
Made in Germany

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